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Learn postgre SQL from best Institutes in Solapur. PostgreSQL is a powerful and open source object-relational database system for any enterprise-level product requiring a standard relational database. The product provides a huge range of features for Developers and DBAs, delivered in a robust software server used world-wide. PostgreSQL is rated in the top 5 databases by DB Engine, above most commercial systems. With millions of deployments in embedded systems, major cloud providers and major on-premise installs, PostgreSQL is the most popular choice for new app development. It provides wide variety of tools available and its versatility including large degree of DB future-proofing for the NPO.

The key features of the tool includes feature rich configuration, supports reconfiguring on fly, lots of plugins (extensions), improving with each release, self-heal on start, allows continuous backup and replication fast queries, extended SQL (PG/SQL)fast restart and has alot of GUI tools with tuner program. Some of the advantages are broad array of custom functionality/formulae built atop standard SQL statements, Transactional support for schema migrations, Great low-level performance tuning capabilities and Performance implementation of bulk merge. It tends to manage large database for game data using Hibernate ORM.

This course mainly handles the administration and performance tuning of PostgreSQL databases. It covers some of the topics like Introduction to PostgreSQL Installation and Creating Database The SQL Language Advanced Features The SQL Language SQL Syntax Data Definition Data Manipulation Queries Data Types Functions and Operators Foreign Data Wrappers Type Conversion Indexes Triggers Full Text Search The Information Schema PL/pgSQL - SQL Procedural Language. The candidates will learn the use of specialised PostgreSQL (AKA Postgres) modules such as replication, connection pooling and full text searching.
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