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Learn do 178b from best Institutes in Solapur. DO-178B which is officially called as RTCA DO-178B/EUROCAE ED-12B and Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, is a software certification standard for airborne systems on commercial aircraft. It was published in December 1992 and was revised as DO-178C in December 2011, DO-178B contains guidance for the planning, development, and verification of airborne software. The guidance comprises several elements such as A series of objectives keyed to the various software life cycle processes, The specified activities for accomplishing these objectives, and The required artifacts (life cycle data) that serve as evidence that the objectives have been met. The intent behind DO-178B is to achieve a degree of confidence in a software component proportional to the component’s criticality so as to impact of a software anomaly on the continued safe operation of the aircraft.

A major emphasis of DO-178B is on software verification. It comprises of reviews, analyses, and tests. Testing needs to be based on the software requirements, and coverage must be demonstrated in multiple senses. All requirements must be covered in the sense that for each requirement there must be some test that checks that the requirement is met, and the requirements-based tests must completely cover the source code structure that is there can be no “dead” code that is present but does not correspond to a requirement. DO-178B is more of a correctness standard than a safety standard. It is focused on demonstrating that the software meets its requirements as opposed to satisfying specific safety properties. The safety analysis is performed as part of the system life cycle processes, for example following SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice standards ARP 4754A and ARP 4761. These processes determine the software level and any safety requirements allocated to software, which then serve as input to the software life cycle processes defined in DO-178B.

DO-178B is not really specific to aviation. It could be applied to other high-integrity domains. The document does not dictate any particular development process or approach to hazard assessment. DO-178B also says very little about programming languages, but objectives such as source code accuracy and consistency are best met by languages such as Ada with strong data typing and other features amenable to static analysis or early error detection.. The below are list of institutes offeres best do 178b training in Solapur. You will find training centers which offers do 178b training with placement in Solapur. Leave your details to get the do 178b course fee details from top 10 do 178b training institutes in Solapur.
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